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Raves from clients

Jaylene C ~ Senior year is very important time, since it is the final year before the real world. Due to that, I wanted senior pictures that would make a statement and choosing DigiSmiles was the best choice I made. The session was so easy to do since Jeff  and Christine have such a fun-stress free time with their client. It was so funny having Jeff mess with my hair constantly and make strange noises to help capture the perfect moment. I also enjoyed my downtown setting photo shoot because I felt it captured who I am. I’m glad I went with DigiSmiles for unique pictures.

Jaclyn L ~ My session with DigiSmiles was more than I could’ve ever asked for! Christine and Jeff not only take outstanding pictures, but also make you feel so special on such a bittersweet day. Not only were they able to capture my contrasting personalities, but we were also able to include my best friend! Having Ashleigh come out to snap a few pictures and have so much fun is a memory I will cherish forever! Giving Ash the chance to feel just as special was so rewarding and for sure something for the books! Thank you guys for being so awesome and making some of these last memories so wonderful!

Madi W ~ DigiSmiles Photography is AMAZING!  I was really stressed about the photo session but Christine and Jeff made me feel comfortable and relaxed.  They were great at making me laugh and be myself.  Driving around downtown to the different locations was an adventure.  The places they picked were places you would never notice, but were perfect for the pictures.  I never had to worry about a hair out of place or a wrinkled shirt; their attention to detail was amazing.  They are two very talented and fun photographers that I would recommend for your Senior pictures.

Blair F ~ DIGISMILES has not only captured for me a collection stunning photos but also a treasure of unforgettable memories in each and every picture. In working with Jeff and Christine- the two most AMAZING people ever- I was able to experiment in the art of posing, venture to unique locations that surprisingly produce gorgeous backgrounds, and incorporate my own style and interests in the shots. When my friends and family look at these pictures ten years from now, they will see exquisite beauty encased in a flat, 2 dimensional piece of paper. However, when I will look at these photos ten years from now, I will see my long hair that practically floated away by the wind, I will hear my genuine laughter sounding in the air after Jeff told a funny joke, and I will feel that initial adrenaline rush as I model for my first picture. Thank you DIGISMILES for wonderful senior photos and a special experience!

Taeler M ~ I had such a great time at my photo session! Christine and Jeff made it super fun and always kept me laughing! All of the locations we went to were really beautiful and I know all of my pictures are going to amazing!

Rachel W ~ Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in Splash Week. I had a blast, it was the best part of my summer. From heels to converse, each outfit had its own challenges, however with your help it became much easier. You are amazing, adventurous, fun photographers! I am so glad we booked my senior photos with DigiSmiles!(: I cannot wait to see what fun, creative ideas and locations ya’ll come up with. Again, thank you for such a fun photo shoot with AMAZING results!

Amanda B (mom) ~ My daughter Amanda recently had photos taken underwater by Jeff and Christine of Digismiles Photography. A photo shoot with these two is fun, creative and confidence building. I’d never heard of underwater photos before. Colors pop underwater and you can photo just about anything you can imagine. One of the photos was posted on social media, and we had an incredible number of responses. Christine and Jeff are both patient, and they worked with Amanda until they were convinced they had a photo that reflected her personality. I also liked the meeting we had before the photo shoot, where Jeff and Christine got to know a bit about Amanda. Since they had an idea of who she is, they were able to tailor the photo shoot to her. The couple also gave us ideas of props to use in the underwater photo. An unforgettable experience!

Madeline A ~ Shooting with Christine and Jeff was an absolute blast. They are very outgoing and created a really fun and awesome atmosphere. They picked unique, local locations that were perfect for what I imagined. They made me feel beautiful and confident, and I think every senior should have this experience. DigiSmiles is the best option for senior pictures!

Hannah B (mom) ~ Our photo session with Christine and Jeff was great!  From the beginning I was unsure about the process but they quickly alleviated my worries and we had a fabulous day!  They connected us with a make-up artist who is very talented and professional and also did a wonderful job enhancing my daughters features, not changing the way she looks. Christine and Jeff work so well as a team, and helped Hannah to feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the camera, we could tell that they enjoy working together.  The day was very light hearted and relaxed, but always professional.  I really enjoyed watching how they captured my beautiful daughter and I was so glad to be a part of that day!

Hailey C ~ Just finished our amazing session with Christine and Jeff…..what a wonderful experience! These fun pros make everything look easy and make you feel at ease while snapping away. Our make up session with Telly and road trip to unique Houston hideaways really made for an unforgettable day.

Meredith D ~ DigiSmiles Photography was the perfect choice for my senior pictures!  They took the time to get to know me and picked the perfect locations.  They also gave suggestions on the outfits that matched my personality. I had so much fun with the entire experience. Christine and Jeff were a creative team of photographers that made me feel comfortable and took beautiful pictures. I loved all of my amazing pictures and would recommend DigiSmiles Photography to all seniors.

Madison P ~ Digismiles is the absolute best! Christine and Jeff made it so fun, and I felt extremely comfortable the entire time. The photos are all amazing, which made it very hard to choose the ones my family wanted. The locations they took me to were awesome and it was fun to explore different parts of downtown. The photos are unique and creative, and she really captured the true me in them. I wouldn’t choose anyone else for senior pictures!

Chelsea E ~ Having my senior pictures done by Christine and Jeff was absolutely a blast! Going into the shoot I had no idea what to expect and I was kinda nervous , but with the help of them making it a fun and comfortable atmosphere I was able to let loose and be myself. The outcome of the photos were phenomenal and I wouldn’t have wanted anything different. Thank you again Christine and Jeff for the amazing work!

Allie V ~ My family and I’s decision to have Digi Smiles photograph my senior portraits was hands down the best decision we could have made. The photoshoot was such a fun and stress free experience. Between the hair and makeup touch ups, I knew I had nothing to worry about. From start to finish, the ideas and tips I got about location, outfits and poses from Jeff and Christine were well thought out and fit my personality perfectly. After reviewing my pictures I felt as though all of my insecurities had faded away because of how much confidence I had built up after my photoshoot. Digi smiles is truly passionate about what they do and it is shown through their work as well as their personalities. I’m very blessed to have had a wonderful experience with digi smiles. The time, effort and charisma displayed by Jeff and Christine was priceless.

Erin C (client’s mom) ~ I just wanted to send you a quick message to say thank you so very much for finding a way to capture Layne’s true smile and self in her senior photos! It just makes me want to cry looking at them because they bring me right back to her expressions as a child…pure joy and happiness. Between you and Jeff with his loud crazy noises, this is the first time I’ve ever had anyone photograph her so beautifully!! Makes my heart smile so big. You two are an amazing team with the best hearts, patience, talent and eye for the perfect angle and spot for a photo…even when the rest of us can’t see it! Thanks again and again…infinity! Can’t wait for our next session!

Michelle P (client’s mom) ~ I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for making Ashley’s senior photo session so memorable.  High School graduation is certainly a milestone but more important was that you captured the beauty of a girl growing into an 18 year old young lady.  Her personality shined in the photo’s and you perfectly linked everything she loves -from balloons to books to ballet slippers and her favorite blanket.  The afternoon spent with you both is one we will never forget!  Working with you both has made us feel like we have close family friends who will be able to document all the other special times in our family so that future generations will have something to look back on.

Ashley P ~ I absolutely LOVED my session with DigiSmiles. They made me feel very comfortable & welcome from the beginning. I didn’t feel like a client but a friend. Every detail was made perfect & I felt like my shoot was well thought out. It was so fun running from location to location downtown (even convincing a cop to let us stay only 10 min to get the perfect shot at an old abandoned warehouse) and my make up & hair by Telly was exceptional! Jeff had me constantly laughing which helped Christine get the perfect shot that I feel truly represents who I am.

Maddie L ~ It was such a great experience and you really found a way to capture who I am in every picture! Digi Smiles has a really intimate, unique way of making their clients feel special! Thank you so much for everything!

Avery T ~ Thank you so much for the wonderful senior pictures Digismiles! The photos are absolutely beautiful, but even more than that, I had fun taking them! You guys did such a great job making the shoot fun and interesting. The different locations were all so fun, and it was such an adventure to guess where we were going to photograph next! You guys made me feel so at ease! I was nervous about being able to pose the right way, but you knew exactly what to do! The pictures and the experience were both so wonderful! I really could not be happier with the whole experience. I would recommend Digismiles to everyone!

Courtney C ~ I have never had professional pictures done before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. DigiSmiles was such a fun, positive, and personal experience! It’s so much more than just pictures. They capture their clients in a very natural state, and make sure that personalities are shown. They kept me laughing and smiling the whole time, and made me feel so comfortable. I loved having DigiSmiles be apart of my senior pictures. I would, and will, recommend DigiSmiles for ANY kind of occasion! I can already tell I’m going to absolutely love my senior pictures.

Cassidy R ~ I absolutely loved my senior picture session with DigiSmiles. From the consultation to taking the pictures and everything in between, Christine and Jeff made me feel so comfortable and relaxed. During our urban session, we laughed the entire time and honestly had a blast. Before the session, I was extremely worried about knowing how to pose and feeling awkward, but they helped so much and made me feel at home. DigiSmiles gives you a day in which you feel like a princess taking pictures before her big ball – cheesy, I know, but every girl deserves to feel that way! I absolutely loved my session and would recommend taking pictures with DigiSmiles in a heartbeat!

Amy S ~ We were beyond pleased with the senior photos from DigiSmiles Photography. The shoot was a lot of fun and very relaxed which led to very good photos. They were both so much fun! Jeff was so funny, always making me laugh with his jokes. I liked the fact that they made the session uniquely for me. They definitely went above and beyond what I was looking for. We couldn’t be happier with the whole experience and especially the very creative, artistic and unique senior pictures!

Bri N ~ Working with Christine and Jeff at DigiSmiles for my senior pictures was so much fun! I really wasn’t sure what kind of pictures I wanted, but they spent a lot of time talking to me to come up with ideas that I really loved, and ones that really showed my personality. I felt like they figured out what I liked before I even knew, and that translated to the finished product. Actually getting the pictures taken was a blast, and it made me feel like what I imagine a “real” model feels like. When I saw the finished pictures, I couldn’t believe it was actually me! My mom loved them, and I got so many compliments from my friends and family. Thank you so much!

Kaley C ~ Picking a photographer for my senior photos was so important to me. I needed people who were going to understand what I wanted and help me understand how to make it all come together. Picking DigiSmiles was the best decision my parents and I could have ever made. They were so completely nice and imaginative they made the entire experience so much less stressful and more enjoyable. Taking my photos will always be one of my fondest senior memories, and now the beautiful photos will allow others to view what a great time I had and recognize that I am a senior. I’m truly grateful for DigiSmiles for taking so much time and dedication to me and my wants and dreams for what I wanted for my photos. I now have amazing photos that I truly will treasure forever. If you ever want an easy and fun experience please don’t hesitate to choose DigiSmiles. I’m so glad that I did.

Kristen B ~ I had an amazing session with DigiSmiles Photography. They did an awesome job and it wasn’t boring and straight to it. It was fun and exciting, I never knew what to expect with Jeff he was crazy. DigiSmiles knows how to get the emotions out of you that they are looking for and the most unexpected position or ways turned out really good. I would definitely recommend DigiSmiles.

Joy R ~DigiSmiles Photography did a great job with my senior photo session. I loved everything about it! It was so much fun to be able to have some of my pictures taken at Pleasure Pier! I had a really great time with Christine and Jeff. They really made me feel comfortable and I really enjoyed the whole experience. I also thought that it was pretty awesome how they picked some random locations that I would never have notice but were so original and cool. All of my pictures turned out amazing I love all of them – they are really original and fun. I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything! I absolutely recommend DigiSmiles Photography to anyone that wants their senior pictures to be creative, unique and beautiful.

Brittany F ~ A picture is worth a thousand words, but what are these words saying, have you ever wondered? When it comes to DigiSmiles Photography, the picture is like readings their personal journal, you really get a since of who they are. It’s not easy to capture a laugh, a genuine smile, or even just a silly shot, unless the person is truly comfortable to be themselves, something anyone who comes around Mr. and Mrs. Tonkin is guarantees to feel, with their incredibly friendly personalities and their ability to be silly themselves. Being an inspiring Photographer myself, they are truly great role models to follow, their incredible eye for detail, color and lighting are impeccable and result in a solid digital image every time.

Baily K ~ I want to thank DigiSmiles and Christine and Jeff personally for my wonderful experience with them. They are so good with the lighting and angles and really know what their doing. I’m picky and had a million ideas, they made me feel like they could deliver and they certainly did. I feel like it was more than I could have asked for you guys did so fantastic and I LOVE my pictures. I feel like you guys really care about each and every one of your clients and get to know them and really make their personalities shine in their photographs. I feel lucky to have picked such amazing photographers and people :] I would recommend DigiSmiles to anyone. They are awesome!

Sarah F ~ Just wanted to thank DigiSmiles Photography yet again for the amazing turn out of my senior pictures! I had a ton of fun doing them also. Christine and her husband are so sweet and just nice hearted people. They knew exactly what they were doing, and it shows in their photography! I’ve had so many compliments on my pictures and I owe it all to DigiSmiles 🙂 So thank y’all again!

Anastasia Z ~ I had such a fun and adventurous time working with DigiSmiles. I got to see parts of my city I’d never seen before! Mr. And Mrs. Tonkin paid specific attention to fine details and tried to bring out my personality in the photographs we took. They impressed me above and beyond! I couldn’t have been happier with the outcome of my senior pictures. What a unique experience. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Victoria B – I ABSOLUTELY LOVED my shoot with Christine & Jeff, they made the session so comfortable and fun, I felt like a model, lol. Everyone that sees my pictures automatically wants their contact information because they’re mind blown on how well my pictures came out. They’ve done my brothers senior portraits as well as my family’s and all of them came out amazing. They are no doubt the best photographers around! If you don’t go with them, I promise your pictures won’t come out as amazing as you want them to!

Ariana C – I LOVE MY PICTURES!!  I had an awesome experience with DigiSmiles. I love the fact that my pictures are original. I was not standing in front of a back drop being told to smile. I was downtown in some amazing locations and I was always laughing. Jeff and Christine really portrayed my personality through my pictures. They captured my goofy side and my serious side at the same time.?I believe that everyone should get their pictures done with DigiSmiles, because I’ve never felt so beautiful as I did in those pictures. It was fun, original, and a great experience!

Jasmine H – One of the best parts about DigiSmiles is their on location shooting, I didn’t have to stand in front of a prop or fake background once! The locations were more varied and much more interesting (not just in my opinion!) than many of my classmates senior photo shoots, and at school I was bombarded with questions and compliments on all of my pictures. Not only are Jeff and Christine a dynamic duo when it comes to camera angles (*Note their difference in height), but together they put me at ease in front of the camera, offering creative poses and often interjecting new ideas for the shoot when the inspiration hit them. My favorite part was the fun atmosphere: Did I want to pose with an ice cream sundae? Take pictures in the ocean? Try to rock a fedora? Yes, yes, yes! There is no denying that the final pictures were awesome, they both captured the spirit of my personality and celebrated the ending of my high school years, but it was the actual taking of the pictures that serves as unforgettable memories. If you want a creative, unique and lighthearted way to capture your senior year DigiSmiles Photography call ‘em up and reserve your spot, they are too good to be available for long!

Susie C. T.  – We were so impressed by the creative connection DigiSmiles made at our consultation appointment. Savannah had such fun going from one look at one moment to something completely different another moment. Each setting and picture captured exactly our daughters personality! We are looking forward to having another wonderful experience with our newest senior this year!

Sarah F – My senior pictures with DigiSmiles was AMAZING! I wouldn’t trade it for anything. My pictures came out great and people I didn’t even know would come up and tell me. I can’t stop talking about it with all my friends because Mr. & Mrs. Tonkin were so nice and they really helped bring out the real me in my pictures and didn’t make me look too posed. They knew to truly make me feel comfortable and I recommend them to every body I talk to.

Hayley A ~ I was unsure of who would take my senior pictures because I was sick of seeing the same old senior pictures taken over and over again for my friends. I wanted something different and something new. My friend, Ali, took hers, and it was like nothing I had ever seen before. I knew that I wanted DigiSmiles Photography to take my senior pictures as soon as I looked at her album. The pictures were so different and intriguing, and that is exactly what I wanted. The photo shoot was absolutely the most fun thing ever! We drove around old Humble and just shot where it looked interesting and cool. My pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined! I could not wish for a better couple to take my senior pictures for me then you guys! Thank you so much, and best of luck in the future!? I wouldn’t choose anyone else 🙂

Veronica P ~ The photos you took of our family are amazing! They are, bar none, the best family photos we’ve ever had! It was such a fun experience, and all parents know that a fun family photo session is almost unheard of! We had a blast! You were so patient with us and did an amazing job getting genuine smiles (and even belly laughs) from my daughter. You are incredibly talented and do such beautiful work! The lighting and color in your photos is gorgeous! I invested in the cd you offered because I just loved all of the photos so much and couldn’t possibly choose between them. Thank you for the best family photo experience we’ve ever had! Five stars isn’t enough!

Allen H ~ DigiSmiles Photography was my number one choice for senior pictures and will continue to be the company I recommend to others! Christine and Jeff Tonkin are two people I will never forget not just because of the high quality pictures and fantastic end results, but also because of the friendly and kindhearted nature that made every shot unique and fun. I highly recommend every service DigiSmiles has to offer, and I am 100% positive that anyone else who has used them before will say the same if you ask them!! Thanks again!

Brett L ~ I enjoyed having my pictures taken with DigiSmiles. The photographers make you feel very comfortable and are open to capturing your personality. Everything ran smoothly and the pictures came out great! I think they are awesome, and most of all my mom loves them!

Stephanie O ~ I couldn’t wait to get DigiSmiles to take our family pictures! I couldn’t have asked for a more patient and creative team of photographers. Not only are the shots fantastic but the color work is amazing. It was hard to narrow it down to the pictures we finally chose. I love our pictures and how beautifully each individual shot captures each child’s unique personality! Thank you DigiSmiles!

Lauren M ~ I absolutely {L-O-V-E-D} my Senior Photo Session with DigiSmiles Photography! Both Mrs. Christine and Mr. Jeff do an AMAZING job capturing personality and inner beauty. DigiSmiles sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU and how you want to be portrayed. We hit great locations, 6 to be exact, and I had 5 outfit changes. The final result… my portraits came out GORGEOUS and all of my family and friends loved them. I recommend DigiSmiles Photography to anyone wanting a great portrait experience. There is no dull moment with this dynamic duo. My session was full of excitement, laughter, and LOTS of flashes.

Alexis N ~ I had SOOO much fun at my photo shoot today with Christine TonkinDigi Smiles Photography is AMAZING! Y’all need to book with them. 🙂 They care so much about their clients and they are soo sweet and fun!

Leslie B ~ DigiSmiles Photography is a great choice for any occasion! We’ve used Christine for newborn, 1st birthday, and preschool pictures. I have never been disappointed with the quality of her shots. She is creative, patient, and extremely talented. I’m always amazed at how she can get my kids to smile even when they’re having a bad day. Picking out the pictures is hard because they are all so good! So, thankfully she offers the option to purchase the CD!

Jo-Ann O ~ Our family first used DigiSmiles for my daughter’s second birthday pictures and since then we have not used anybody else. We LOVED them! We have used their fabulous services for our family portraits, pregnancy, newborn and Christmas pictures. We have such beautiful and special pictures in each session that we have a hard time deciding which ones to get. Their dedication and hard work is evident in their pictures. They will take the time needed to get a specific beautiful picture of the whole family (including smiling babies), which can be so challenging. Thank you for your beautiful work & we look forward to many more family pictures for the years to come!

Caitlin J ~ DigiSmiles is by far the best choice for ANY senior’s pictures! They individualized the shoot for me and were willing to go to the beach and get IN the water. (: The Tonkins are talented and fun-spirited photographers who have a creative flair. DigiSmiles will give you a very memorable photo shoot and FABULOUS senior pictures. I recommend DigiSmiles to anyone! ?-Cait!

Breanna F ~ I loved my senior pictures! Christine and Jeff did an amazing job. They had so many creative ideas and they took me to so many different places. I recommend DigiSmiles to everyone! They are fun and excited when taking their pictures. They are the best!!” ~ Breanna ~

Ali U ~ DigiSmiles did an excellent job throughout the whole process of my senior pictures. I wouldn’t go back and change a thing, and will continue to recommend them to others! They were so much fun!!!

Renee M ~ I am not even sure how to explain the creativity, fun and personality that was experienced during Dana’s photo shoot with DigiSmiles. All of this is definitely reflected in her collection of shots. We are still having a difficult time picking which shots are best because almost all of them seem to be favorites. As an observer, it was fun for me to watch you and Jeff working together and discussing ideas. In my opinion, you truly captured her beauty and personality. Thank you so much for all of your patience and working with her on outfits and ideas. She is excited and looking forward to prom photos with DigiSmiles!

Alexis T ~ What I liked the most about my photo shoot is that they let me choose where I would want to take my pictures at. So it wasn’t the same background you always see. It fit MY personality. They were so easy to get along with and made my photo shoot worth while!” “I loved how my senior pictures turned out!” “DigiSmiles made my experience unforgettable.” “They are probably the nicest photographers you’ll ever meet.”

Alyssa S ~ I contacted DigiSmiles after seeing some of my friends photo sessions with them and I was obsessed with their style! I was looking for something that wasn’t a traditional studio photo shoot and that’s exactly what I got! Christine and Jeff were very easy and fun to work with which made me feel very comfortable. They listened to my ideas so my pictures reflected my personality and style! I have and will continue to recommend them to everyone!

Tessa M ~ The reason I picked DigiSmiles Photography for my senior pictures was because every time I saw their senior pictures they always looked great!! I was nervous at first that I wouldn’t be able to stay focused for the serious pictures or be too embarrassed to make a silly face, but Jeff and Christine were both so easy to get along with! I absolutely loved how all the pictures turned out and I will defiantly reference them to my friends! It’s too bad I only graduate from high school once, because I would love to take more pictures with them!!

  • Jessica Perez - Hi I would like to know more information about pricing and booking an appointment. I am looking for someone to take my senior pictures around the beginning of 2013 and I love the way ya’ll take pictures!!ReplyCancel

  • Ariana Cassidy - I LOVE MY PICTURES!! 🙂
    I had an awesome experience with digi smiles. I love the fact that my pictures are original. i was not standing in front of a back drop being told to smile. I was downtown in some amazing locations and i was always laughing 🙂 Jeff and Christine really portrayed my personality through my pictures. They captured my goofy side and my serious side at the same time.
    I believe that everyone should get their pictures done with Digi Smiles, because i’ve never felt so beautiful as i did in those pictures. it was fun, original, and a great experience 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Melody - Beautiful photos!
    Especially the hot red heels with the Chevy….
    That’s my daughter, Taylor Lea IsaacksReplyCancel

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